Monday, February 28, 2011

American Dog Derby

We made it! A few members of our local southern CA mushing group made the trek north to take part in the American Dog Derby in Ashton, ID. We pooled dogs to put together two 6-dog teams for the 24-mile "Everett Heseman Race". Knowing from the get-go, that our "working pets" wouldn't stand a chance to compete for a top finish, the question became, which one of our teams would win the red-lantern award? Contributors to the teams were Alpine Outfitters, Three Dog Bakery San Clemente and Arctis.
After a long hard-fought race, the award went to Rancy Reyes and his team, who finished just 3 minutes behind Bruce Stegmaier's team.

For all of us, it was the experience which mattered most, since none of our dogs had ever participated in a snow race before. They all did great and finished in good shape and excellent spirits.

We had a great time up there, enjoying the festivities in Ashton and the friendly people of Idaho, and we're pretty sure, that well be back for another run!

Our local newspaper, the Orange County Register, wrote up a couple of nice articles on our experience before and after the race.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yukon Quest @ halftime & Race to the Sky

The first mushers competing in this year's Yukon Quest sled dog race have made it to Alaska and reached the halfway point of the race. Way in front of the pack is Hugh Neff and his team, who has carved out a 12 hour lead, ahead of Hans Gatt, Brent Sass (pick it up, Brent!) and Ken Anderson.

Hugh Neff is going to be hard to beat with a lead like this, but you never know.
Watch live updates on the Yukon Quest website.

In Montana, the 2011 Race to the Sky is underway. Keeping our fingers crossed for our friends Laura Daugereau (Night Runner Kennel) and Steve Madsen (Sirius Sled Dogs).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race

The 2011 Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race starts this Saturday, February 5th in Whitehorse, YK.
25 mushers will make the 1000 mile trip to Fairbanks, AK through the wilderness of the Yukon and Alaska. Among the starters is our friend and Yukon Quest veteran Brent Sass of Wild & Free Mushing with 14 of his dogs, and his handler Kyla Durham, a Quest rookie, runs Wild & Free's 2nd team. We met Brent in person last year when he visited southern California and met up with our mushing group. According to his blog posts, his team is in excellent shape and spirits, and he just might be the one to watch at the finish line this year.
We wish Brent, Kyla and all other participants good luck on their run!