Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing all our friends, customers and fellow mushers a happy,
healthy and prosperous new year and happy trails!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wild & Free!

Finally a moment to update the blog after a long drought.
Yes, we're still here and have been spending pretty much all of our time on the trails and in the shop, so updates on our website, blog and facebook have been few and far between.

Someone else has also been very, very busy recently: our good friend Brent Sass of Wild & Free Mushing in Fairbanks, AK.
Brent is a 5-time Yukon Quest Veteran and in addition to signing up for his 6th time at the YQ, he also decided to run his first Iditarod this season, going for "the double"!

We met Brent in September of 2010 when he was visiting family in our area. By accident, he was at our mushing group's staging area when we returned from a weekend morning fun run. When he saw our carts he immediately said "I want one!".
Sure enough, after he finished his amazing 2010/11 season, he called and placed his order for one of our carts, the famed Bumble Bee.
Initially, the cart was supposed to be used for puppy training at his kennel, but Brent scrapped the idea as soon as he received the cart, and hooked up the first 6-dog team of his mainstring to the cart...the first of 4 teams to go out the first day. The next day he added two more dogs to the team and after about 2 weeks, he trained up to 10 of his race veterans on the cart every day.

During his fall training, he constantly kept us updated about how the cart performed and what updates/upgrades would have to be done to run a team of his caliber with the cart. Once his season comes to an end in April, we should have the "Brentified Arctis Cart" ready for him to test. That will be our first all new cart design since we started on the 3-wheel cart.

Since Brent has been such a great advocate of our carts, we decided to start sponsoring Team Wild & Free for the current season. In addition to being a general team supporter, we also sponsor "our boys" Scroggie & Braeburn and looking forward to seeing those boys cross the finish line in Whitehorse and Nome (albeit not in person, unfortunately).

Brent's enthusiasm for the dogs, the sport and life in general is absolutely amazing a definitely infectious. He is held in high regards by his peers and a great ambassador to the sport of dog sledding.

Feel free to check out his website Wild & Free Mushing, see the dogs and read up on any news regarding the races this season. There's also a link to Wild & Free gear and, last, not least, opportunities for sponsorships!

If you check out his facebook page, you'll see plenty of picture and video updates of the team's training regimen as well as the trials and tribulations of training sled dogs in Alaska.

Be wild and free!

As always, if you're looking for a cart for this season, please contact us for current wait times and delivery schedule. Our e-mail is and phone # is (949) 280-7019

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy, busy times!

It's been awhile since we posted an update, but it appears that the season has arrived.
After we returned from our trip to the New Hampshire trade fair, orders started to come in from quite literally all over the continent and we're busy at work getting those carts built and shipped.

We're currently booked through the end of the year, and with our own busy schedule during the early months of the new year, you might want to check-in to see what the schedule looks like, if you're thinking about a new cart for the new year. We'll be in spring training in no time.

As always, we may go on a few road trips in 2012 and would be able to bring a cart along if you're in the general area of our route. Feel free to contact us to see where we might go to attend any races.

Thank you to all our customers for your continued support and trust in our products!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair

Our starting point, Laguna Beach CA

We're back from our phenomenal trip to New Hampshire to attend the annual sled dog trade fair.
Wow, what an adventure! On September 26th, we loaded the van with three carts, three dogs and all our gear and supplies for a few weeks on the road and headed east.

Rest stop in the New Mexico desert

After 4 days and 3150 miles, we arrived at the Hopkinton fairgrounds and set up camp.
Some of the organizers, vendors and visitors had already arrived ahead of us and picked out their spots on the fairgrounds as well as inside the vendor building.

Our campsite

After the carts were unloaded and assembled, and the camp set up, it was time to socialize with the locals. It was wonderful to meet so many folks that we've know through online contact only.

Our display at the trade fair.

On Saturday, the trade fair officially started and a wide variety of vendors showed their products and services. From carts to sleds, harnesses to t-shirts, and so much more, anything related to running dogs was available to see, try and purchase.

Gregg Vitello of Northern Exposure Outfitters

Mountain Ridge display

Ken of Peacepups Dogsledding

All day long, various mushers were giving presentations, including Yukon Quest veteran Mike Ellis, Can-Am Crown 250 winner Rene Marchildon and New Hampshire musher Jaye Foucher.

Mike Ellis checking out one of our carts.

Saturday night, everyone got together for a potluck bbq and interesting games like the "harnessing & bootying contest", "dog & human egg race" & the "toilet paper caper".

On Sunday, the rig race was on at 8.30.
Races were held in a wide variety of classes from canicross to 6-dog rig and anything in between, and anyone from beginner to seasoned pro participated.

After the races, Loranne of Snow Star Farm had organized a little show & tell for all dryland equipment manufacturers and distributors. Several scooters and carts were introduced and could be tried and tested by fair visitors.

On Sunday afternoon, the fair closed and it was time to pack up and say good-bye to all our new friends.
Now we were ready for part 2 of the trip: a visit to our friends up north to drop off the last of the three carts we brought along, and then slowly make our way back to southern California, visiting friends and taking in the sights of Canada and the United States along the way.

Our first snow encounter of the season.

After 14 days and a total of more than 6900 miles, we arrived back in Orange County and went right back to work to make sure our orders are being filled in time for the new season.

Almost back home in California

Thanks to Amy & John at Mountain Ridge for organizing the fair and to everyone else who helped to make this a great event.
Also thanks to everyone who came out to see us and to our customers we met at the fair and in Canada!

As a famous cyborg once said: "I'll be back!"

Please check out the following sites, too:
Mountain Ridge Equipment
Northern Exposure Outfitters
Maine Made Dog Sleds
Arctic Star Dog Sleds
Snow Star Farm

Team Tsuga Siberians
Team Chocpaw
Sibersong Sleddogs

Peacepups Dogsledding
Boston Snow Dogs

Monday, October 3, 2011

News Flash

We are still on the road, returning from the New England Sled Dog Trade Fair, currently cruising the Ontario countryside.
Thanks to all that showed up and those that made it happen. It was wonderful to meet all of you.
We'll write more as soon as we get back to California.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ready for the New England trade fair!

We just put the finishing touches on the three carts we're taking with us to the Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair & Seminar next weekend (October 1st & 2nd).
The "anti-freeze" green and fire engine red carts are sold already, but the blue metallic one is still available at this point. We'll have all three at the fair for everyone to check out. In case you're intrested in a new cart for the upcoming season, please e-mail us at or call us at (949) 280-7019
If you're not going to be at the trade fair, maybe you live along our route (map) and we can drop one off on our way back to California.

Now all we have to do is getting the van and our gear organized, and off we go across the country.
Looking forward to meeting many of you out there!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dryland Mushing Events, Fall 2011

Newly updated list for dryland mushing events around North America:

- September 16th - 18th, Presentation & Clinic with Karen Ramstead, Calgary AB
- September 17th & 18th, SNDD dirt fun run, Hobart Mills CA

- October 1st & 2nd, New England Sled Dog Trade Fair, Contoocook NH
- October 1st & 2nd - SNDD Mushing Clinic, Truckee CA
- October 1st & 2nd, NWSDA Fall Warm-Up, Cle Elum WA
- October 8th, "So Mush Fun" NorSled Fun Run & Fundraiser, Vacaville CA
- October 8th & 9th, Camp K Dryland Challenge, Cle Elum WA
- October 22nd & 23rd, Pacific Northwest Dryland Championships, Cle Elum WA

- November 5th & 6th, Spokane Dirt Rondy, Spokane, WA
- November 11th - 13th, La Pine Mushing Weekend, La Pine OR
- November 12th & 13th, Canadian Championship Dog Race, Bristol ON
- November 20th & 21st, Dryland Sled Dog Challenge, Kirtland OH

- December 11th & 12th, Between the lakes sled dog dash, Grand Rivers, KY

- September - December, Mid Union Sled Haulers Fall Training Sessions, MI

Based on our current production/shipping schedule, the next available cart could be ready for shipment or delivery in the third week of November. If you are still in the market for a new cart for the upcoming season, please contact us asap.

Also, we're traveling to various events around the country and can always drop off a cart along the way. Check with us for our travel schedule to arrange delivery.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Product! Scooter Rack / Carrier Now Available

Here's another new product fresh out of the shop.
Finally an easy and secure way to transport your dog scooter / mountain scooter.

Fork attaches to the rack by quick release and rear wheel is securely strapped down.
Fits any 2" or 1¼" hitch receiver. Powder coated black.

Single scooter rack $145.-

Double scooter rack $195.-

Please contact us for shipping rates.

California Mushing Clinic & Fun Run

Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers' annual mushing clinic is coming up on the weekend of October 1st & 2nd in Truckee, CA.
They also organize a dirt fun run on September 17th & 18th in Hobart Mills, CA, just north of Truckee.

For more information about these events, please see SNDD's website here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mushing Events in Alberta & Ontario Coming Up

Two great mushing events are scheduled to our north.

From September 16th - 18th, Urban Mushers in Alberta are presenting a weekend with Iditarod Veteran Karen Ramstead.
Friday will be Karen's "Tails of the Trail" presentation.
Saturday a hands-on workshop for experienced mushers and Sunday a hands-on workshop for novice mushers.

For more information, please see the Urban Mushers website and Karen's blog.

On November 12th & 13th, the Bristol Dryland Championships are scheduled in Bristol, Ontario.
Races will be held in 5 different classes and 2 distances.

For more information, please see Bristol Dryland website.

If you are still in the market for a new dryland cart for the upcoming season, keep in mind, that we may be able to deliver to locations on the West Coast, as well as New England.

For West Coast deliveries, please see our post here and for New England (and cross country) deliveries, please see this post.

Time is running out and space is filling up quickly, so please contact us asap for details, if you would like to have a cart delivered to your doorstep.

Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair & Seminar

Update 8/23: one final spot for a cart available. If you are in the market for a new dryland cart this season and would like us to deliver along our route or at the trade fair, please contact us asap.

More road trip news!
We are attending the New England Sled Dog Trade Fair in New Hampshire October 1st & 2nd.

We wanted to take on the cross country trip for a couple years now, and this will finally be the year.
As always, we're more than happy to bring a bunch of carts with us and deliver either at the Fair, or at your doorstep, if you live somewhat close to our route.
While we cannot offer free delivery for this trip, we can certainly offer reduced rates, plus you get an introduction from the manufacturer himself!
This would also be a great opportunity for our friends in Canada's eastern provinces to make the trip to NH to meet-up, take a cart home and save a bunch on freight charges.

Our planned route will be along I-40/70/90 from southern CA to NH:

Even if you live a little farther from our proposed route, feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can make arrangements for delivery.

So, if a new cart is in your future, here's your chance to save on shipping. Please contact us asap, so we can get the manufacturing process going to have the carts ready in time for our trip.

Our e-mail is and phone (949) 280-7019

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Urban Mushing

Even though we're in the middle of summer in southern California, we still find ways to get out with our dogs, and take them on runs in the area. Coastal CA temperatures stay in the moderate range for most of the summer, since we have the marine layer off the Pacific Ocean keeping things cool.

So we meet up early in the morning or late in the evening at various places around Orange County and hook up a few sled dog teams.
Remember to keep your dogs hydrated, do not run in the heat and watch closely for signs of heat exhaustion.

We frequently run two or three cart teams and several scooter teams as well.
Cart teams run 6 or 8 dogs on an Arctis Cart and scooter teams anywhere from 1 to 3 dogs on a Diggler scooter.

Most of our trails are dirt trails through local parks, along creeks and around lakes. Occasionally, we have to make use of bike paths and sidewalks, too.

If you are in the southern California area and would like to join or just check out what we do, feel free to take a look at our Urban Mushing website for more information.

Equipment sources:
Arctis Carts
Diggler Scooters
Alpine Outfitters for harnesses, lines etc

Thursday, July 28, 2011

...and more Siberian Huskies available in southern CA

2 year old litter mates Cinnamon and Bandit are in need of a good home. Please call Ole or Gayle at (no longer available, sorry)

and this 3 year old red/white male Siberian also needs a home that knows how to handle a very energetic dog. Please contact Jamie at (no longer available, sorry) for more information

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

La Pine Mushing Weekend 2011

Here is the second announcement for this Fall's "La Pine Mushing Weekend". The cabins are full but there are plenty of campsites to be had; this time of year they don't take reservations on the campsites, it's just first come, first served. There are plenty of sites in "South Loop", so no worries about not having a spot!

Summer is here and it's time to announce our yearly "fun-for-all" mushing weekend at La Pine State Park, in La Pine, Oregon.

This year's event is scheduled for the second weekend of November, which falls on the 11th (Friday), 12th & 13th. Some folks (not sure about me yet) will arrive the afternoon of Thursday the 10th, to get settled in. We will be hoping for damp trails and cool temps, but no snow. This event is a dirt run, so plan on carts, quads, bikes and scooters. Runs will be arranged to provide a variety of training opportunities, including passing (from behind and head on), team weaving, directional command training, hills, etc. There is quite a variety of nice dirt trails to choose from. The event is open to anyone regardless of mushing style and experience (or lack thereof); bikejoring and scootering teams are welcome. Trails are suitable for all functions unless we get a surprise dump of snow that makes them dangerous for bikes or scooters.

Organized runs will be on Saturday and Sunday mornings; meet for breakfast at the conference lodge at 6:30 am or at the meadow about 7:30. (This is subject to change if the weather looks to be on the warm side.) The staging area may have changed due to construction in the park. I'll confirm the start point when I know for sure.

The event has the use of the meeting hall on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (until 1 pm on Monday). It has a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, sink with hot/cold running water, tables and a heater. We will have a potluck meal on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at about 1 pm; other meals will be informal potluck at the participants' discretion.. We never lack for
enough good food! Since the cost per day went up to $75, I will be asking for donations to help defray the $300 cost of the meeting hall.

Campsites at La Pine State Park are suitable for tents or R.V.'s; all have electrical hookups and water. Bathrooms with shower facilities (included in camping fee) are in our immediate area; bring your own towels and toiletries. Campsites are first-come-first-served; there are plenty of spots and the State Park will open the adjacent Loop if needed.

There are five "rustic" cabins (two double futons, a table, electricity and heat) and five "deluxe" cabins (two double futons in separate rooms, toilet/shower, heat, running water, microwave, fridge, barbecue). There are no dogs allowed in the cabins. THIS IS IMPORTANT DUE TO FUTURE CAMPERS WHO MIGHT HAVE ALLERGIES.

Nearby motels are the Timbercrest Inn (541-536-17370) and the Newberry Station/Best Western (541-536-5130). There are a couple of other smaller motels, but the parking lots are tiny and border the Hwy.

Remember that there may be non-dog campers at the Park, so manage your teams to have them reasonably quiet.

Please let me know if you are planning to attend so that I may organize the event well and be able to provide updates as we get closer to November.

For Questions, please post to the list or e-mail me directly at

Please cross-post and pass along to anyone who would be interested.

Karen Yeargain
Tumnatki Siberians
Diggler Dog Scooters
TAIGA harnesses/collars
National Dog Food
Prineville, OR

California Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic & Fundraiser

New date and location announced!

Even though rattlesnakes are a year round occurrence here in southern California, summer is definitely the most active season for our slithery neighbors. As dog owners we need to make sure that our furry friends won't get into trouble by going after rattlers or inadvertently stepping on them or putting their curious noses into gopher holes etc.

On Sunday, August 28th, rattlesnake avoidance training is being offered in San Juan Capistrano CA.
Proceeds of this day's training will go to two local animal recues, Animal Crackers in Laguna Beach and Doberman Pinscher SOS in Tehachapi.

For more information, please see

Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Huskies missing in Fresno CA

Two Huskies missing in Fresno, CA. Stormy, gray/white female, and Carmen, black/white female. Please contact (both dogs are safe and sound at home) with any information.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Siberian Husky Available, southern California

Courtesy listing for Animal Crackers Pet Rescue in Laguna Beach
"Oceanz" is a purebred Siberian Husky, red / white , blue eyes. 5 years old, has all his shots, healthy, neutered and micro-chipped.
Leash, crate & potty trained, loves to run, great companion for those who have an active lifestyle. Friendly towards people though he is rambunctious and doesn't always realize his strength towards children. Fine with other dogs once properly introduced.

No longer available, sorry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Dryland Mushing events scheduled

In addition to the West Coast events shown below, Mid Union Sled Haulers announced the following dates:

November 5th & 6th, Ft Custer Rig Training, Battle Creek, MI
November 19th & 20th, Camp Rotary Rig Training, Clare, MI
December 3rd & 4th, Cummings Center, Mt Morris, MI

For more information, please contact M.U.S.H. through their website:

And one event in Kentucky:
December 10th & 11th, Between The Lakes Dog Dash, Grand Rivers, KY.
For more information abut this event, please see "Mush the Dust"

There's still time to get a brand new cart for the upcoming season.
For Arctis features and pricing, please click here.