Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall training season is here!

Summer is finally coming to an end, and training season gets underway.
For us, this means crunch time to get orders finished and carts delivered to our customers. Most of our carts are going to Alaska this fall, with a few more staying close in Washington and Colorado. Thanks again to all our customer who trust our products!

For teams getting ready for this season's long distance races, it means getting the dogs out and everyone back into running mode, figuring out who will make the "A-Team" and then getting that team ready for "showtime".

We're proud to support three teams this season that will take on Iditarod and Yukon Quest in 2014:

Wild & Free Mushing, Eureka, Alaska
Brent Sass has been good friends with us for a few years now and a big believer in Arctis training carts. He has put our 3-wheeler to the test like no one else and was the first to run the all new 4-wheeler.
Wild & Free will go for another Yukon Quest and Iditarod this year!

Please visit their website and facebook page for more about Brent and the team as well as sponsorship opportunities.

North Wapiti Kennels, Perryvale, Alberta
Karen Ramstead was one of the first Iditarod mushers we met many years ago. She came to visit our group in southern California on several occasions, came to our new location in Oregon and also invited us for a few days at her kennel back in 2010. Famous for her "Pretty Curly Tails" all Siberian Husky sled dog team, Karen will run Iditarod in 2014 for the last time.

To support Karen and her team, and for more information about the kennel, including the entire cast of characters, please see their blog and facebook page, as well as their fundraising page.

Team Tsuga Siberians, Fairbanks, Alaska
We met Mike Ellis at the New England Trade Fair a couple of years ago, and he was really interested in the concept of training his team with a cart vs an atv. One of the requirements was, however, that it would be a heavy 4-wheel cart to possibly train a full team. So, this year we finally finished that project and Mike will be one of the first mushers to train with the new cart. He also was kind enough to visit us here in Oregon and give a presentation about his dogs, races and life in Alaska, that got fantastic reviews by all who attended.
Mike and Sue also run an all Siberian Husky team.

Team Tsuga will be back at the Yukon Quest this season, after their rookie Iditarod in 2013.
Please see their website and facebook page for information and yes, plenty of pictures of their beautiful team, that has always room for another sponsor for a bag of kibble. 

Good luck and happy trails to all of "our" teams, our customers and friends and everyone else who shares the same passion for this wonderful sport.