Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland California

Our trip to Mammoth was once again a huge success. After we dropped the candy apple red cart along the way, we continued on to June Lake, where we stayed for the holiday weekend.
What a quaint little town with wonderful, friendly people who welcomed us and our furry friends wherever we went.
On day 1, we went out for a nice little run at Hartley Springs. The temperatures were a bit nippy, but we had wonderful blue skies.
On the second day, we split up "Team Arctis" to support a couple of other teams, which left my "old" girl Gidget available for me to go out snowshoeing through the woods at Bald Mountain Rd.
Initially, the weather was still ok, but turned into a precursor for the upcoming large storm with strong winds and increased snowfall. Gidget took her job as "alpha bitch" very seriously and made sure, we made it back to base before the real storm hit.
On day 3, the expected storm finally hit, and we decided to just try to make it back to southern California in time and in one piece.
More pictures are here and here.

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