Sunday, May 31, 2009

If Barbie ran sled dogs...

...she might order one of these carts!
A while back, we made the all black Arctis cart and and dubbed it the "Bat Cart" since it looked like something the dark knight might run, if he ever wanted to join the mushing community.
Now on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have this:

Our paint shop promised "pretty much any color you want" so we put them to the test with this special order by one of our customers...and they delivered!

In other news, our local mushing group went out on a few nice fun runs this weekend, since we're still having overcast skies that keep temperatures low enough for us to squeeze in a run or two.
Most of "Team Arctis" stayed home to rest after a pretty busy week filled with long hikes and several runs, so only crazy clown Silver was out at Fairview and ran with some of his buddies. He also got a chance to meet special guest "Dade" who had his first outing on the local trails.