Friday, December 11, 2009

Huskies in need of good homes

We were contacted by a friend about 2 Huskies/Husky Mixes that are in need of a good forever home.

They are:

Violet: 1 year old found running on the I-5 in Sun Valley, CA. She is very sweet and gentle. Loves to be outside, house-trained and crate-trained. She is good with kids and other dogs but doesn't like the cats and feels it is her responsibility to make sure the squirrels stay out of the year. Very typical Husky! She also loves to play "chase me".


Collette: 4 months old. House-trained and very smart. We didn't get one good application from our TV spot Monday. She is playful and loves her chew toys! We think Husky/Shepherd mix

If you are interested in any of these dogs, please contact Pryor's Planet
- by phone (818) 288-0241
- E-Mail
- or on the web

We are not in any way affiliated with Pryor's Planet, but always like to help find a great home for a Husky in need.

Remember to check the other rescue sites on the right side of this blog for more available dogs.

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administrator said...

Violet found her forever home. She is doing great and is very happy!