Sunday, January 31, 2010

Think Spring, Think Dryland!

Yes, we know, winter still has the continent in its icy and snowy grip, and just like the rest of you mushers out there, we enjoy our time with the dogs in the pretty white stuff, BUT:
it won't be long before spring is here, and that means dryland season for most of us.
Time to start thinking about that new rig to train and race the dogs.

We'll be on hiatus for most of March, so if you're looking for that new rig to run once the snow is melted, it's time to place that order.

We have one more opening for February, so by the time Iditarod starts, you could be running your dogs on a brand new Arctis Cart!
Which one's it going to be? Candy Apple Red, Midnight Blue, Stealthy Black or maybe the latest addition: Anti-Freeze?

As posted on our recent website update, we're keeping the purchase price at the introductory rate, since the economy is still in recovery mode.
Our new freight forwarder provides us and our customers with great shipping rates throughout North America and as always, payment terms are flexible, so send us an e-mail or give us a call if you have any questions and get those dogs running!

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