Sunday, March 28, 2010

California Urban Mushing Clinic

Our 4th annual "Urban Mushing Clinic" was once again a great success.
Each day, a decent size group went out on the trails for a quick run while the temperatures were still cool enough for the dogs.
Turn-out was excellent on both days, even though the weather didn't make anyone feel like wanting to go mushing, but it's southern California after all.

Carmen Rasmussen of Alpine Outfitters shared her knowledge and experience both days, and we can't thank her enough for making the trip down the coast to do so.
This year, the clinic was divided into one day for newcomers to the sport and one day for the intermediate musher.
Topics that were covered ranged from the very basics like harnessing, basic commands as well as health and safety, to dog physiology, nutrition and race preparation.

As always, a lot of information to digest and hopefully convert into either better exercise with your dog or a better performing team of dogs (and driver).

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