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Arctis Carts Dryland Mushing Rig

Here's an overview of the standard features, options and pricing for our 3-wheel cart as of June 25th 2013.
(please also see our mid-size 4-wheel and heavy 4-wheel carts)

Standard features:
- 6' length, 3½' width
- heavy-duty steel tube frame, powdercoated in the color of your choice (300+ colors available, including metallic. Please note, that some colors will incur additional cost. Please check with us for details.)
- four wheel colors available (black, silver, red & blue)
- easy to fold down to 20" height for transport and storage. All joints in the folding mechanism have solid reinforcements to prevent wear and tear

- "no-fork" front steering for lower profile. No fork also means no worn-out bearings, no rattling or loose steering after hitting a number of bumps, ruts, rocks and tree stumps
- solid 5/8" axles, which won't bend or break
- heavy duty hydraulic disc brakes on rear wheels, incl. guards to protect them from being hit by trees, poles etc
- 4-prong "digger" earth brake with replaceable stainless steel tips to keep the cart (and team!) in place if you need to step off and attend to your dogs.
- 80/100-12 (3.00-12) off road tires on rear wheels for maximum traction, especially when hitting those brakes
- 30" x 20" cargo area to carry supplies, gear, injured dogs or a passenger. Comes with standard canvas cover on cargo platform. Optional sled bag, utility crate or jumpseat are available (see below).
- standard front fender to keep the mud out of your face :-) Optional rear fenders are available (see below)
- two weight options, 90lbs or 120lbs
- optional lower clearance frame and smoother tires are available at no cost, for those running mostly on smooth, well maintained trails
...and it's still handcrafted right here in the U.S.A.

Pricing and shipping:
Please contact us for 2015 pricing.
A 50% down payment is required to start the order, with the remaining amount due upon completion.
Worldwide shipping is available at actual cost, no handling charges, no crating charges. In-person pick-ups are welcome as well.
We have an excellent freight forwarder (Mapcargo International), who is working out great shipping rates for our customers. You are also more than welcome to arrange your own shipping.
The crate is approximately 6' x 4' x 2' and weighs about 200lbs (cart & crate).

Optional equipment:
- rear fenders
- sled bag
- heavy duty utility crate
- jumpseat
(please note, that utility crate and jumpseat have integrated footboards and will also include additional reinforcements plus a wider front tire; crate and seat are easily removable)
- "easy load" rack

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Other Arctis products
- Sled Brake
- Replacement Tips for sled brake
- Snowhook Holder 

Cart shown with optional sled bag.

Cart shown with optional jump seat.

The "Bumble Bee" (named for its yellow/black paint job) made the long trip up north and has been seen on the trails of Alaska. Our friend and Yukon Quest veteran Brent Sass of Wild & Free Mushing saw our carts during his California trip and thought they just might come in handy as an additional training tool at his kennel. So as soon as his '10/'11 race season was finished, he came through and ordered his Arctis cart.
Thanks, Brent! We definitely appreciate it!
Hopefully, it'll help training the next set of Yukon Quest winners!

Cart shown with optional heavy duty crate.

Here is a picture of Brent taking 8 of his Yukon Quest & Iditarod proven dogs out on a training run:

Over the past 4+ years mushers all across North America have tried, tested and come to appreciate the Arctis cart. Our carts are now used for training and racing in 21 US states, 5 Canadian provinces, Mexico and the Philippines. All our customers' feedback went right back into the next model off the production floor. The cart is being used by recreational mushers with as little as two Siberians up to long distance veterans like Brent Sass. Last year, we had the privilege to visit Karen Ramstead's North Wapiti kennel and let Karen take the cart out with some of her Iditarod finishing Siberians.

The carts have been used on any kind of terrain, from the smooth trails of suburban Orange County to the northern Alberta bush and anything in between.

Earlier this month, Joe Loveless (WA) ran eight of his Alaskan Huskies on an Arctis cart at NWSDA's Spring Fling race.

We've spent countless hours trying to make the Arctis cart an excellent tool for training and racing your working dogs. Plus we're spending many more hours crafting each and everyone of our carts, doing our best to ensure that you will get many, many years of enjoyment out of our product when running, training and exercising your dogs.

Also, many, many thanks to our friends at Alpine Outfitters who have been very helpful in introducing our product to the mushing community and are also manufacturing the sled bag, jumpseat cover, canvas cover, digger brake bungee as well as all our lines, harnesses, belts etc etc.

Any questions? Please let us know. Our e-mail address is

Last, not least, thanks to all our customers over the past 4 years for trusting our equipment!

We'll see you on the trails!

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