Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Product! Arctis "Grand Teton" Hitch

We just tested another new product on our recent trip to the American Dog Derby in Idaho: a truck hitch for your picket lines, which was named the "Grand Teton" over lunch at "511 Main" in Ashton, ID. and yes, there is a (long) story behind the name.

So, what's different about our hitch, compared to others?
The outer tubes are powder coated and the telescoping tubes are made from aluminum, to prevent rust. Also, the hitch shown in the pictures below has shortened outer tubes, so they're nicely tucked away under the truck when not in use.
Those can be made longer, depending on your specific needs.

Front hitch can be custom made to fit your truck, rear hitch attaches to any standard hitch receiver or over bike rack etc.

Price is $295 plus shipping and does not include the picket lines.
If you need picket lines, contact our friends at Alpine Outfitters and they'll "hook you up"!

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