Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Taiga 300, Urban Mushing Clinic & Carting

Whew! What a way to start the month...
Alaska's Taiga 300 started on April 1st and came to an end on the 4th. We kept our fingers crossed for Jillian Rogers and her Spitfire Kennels team. It sounds like they had a great time out there and accomplished their goals, congratulations! Jillian wrote about the race on her blog. Take it easy for a while and get ready for next season, it'll be a big one!

Our local "Urban Mushing" group held its annual mushing clinic last weekend at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa. Once again, we had Carmen Rasmussen of Alpine Outfitters as our guest speaker to share her knowledge with us. Thank you so much for making the trip down the coast! Dr Rod Block, an animal chiropractor also took the time to share information about dog's muscular and orthopedic care and treatment, thank you!
Saturday night, a good sized group got together for a BBQ at "Arctis headquarters", where we welcomed another special guest, Canada's "mushing mum", Susan Evenden. We hope, you had a great time with us SoCal mushers.
For a more detailed write-up of the mushing clinic, check out the Urban Mushing Blog, and for more pictures, click here.

Tuesday, "Team Arctis" took the 90 minute drive to the Angeles National Forest to go on a dryland adventure with our friend Robert Stradley of "Adventure Quest Institute".
We tried and tested our carts and scoped out the challenging mountain trails for the upcoming "Spring Mush" which Robert is hosting at Harmony Pines in May (stay tuned for more information).

Now, we really need to get back in the habit of building carts!

Next up: Orange County Pet Expo, April 17 - 19, Costa Mesa CA
NWSDA Spring Fling, April 25 - 26, Roslyn WA
Wag-A-Thon, April 25, Dana Point CA

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