Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Up Next: NWSDA's Spring Fling, Roslyn, WA

After finishing the OC Pet Expo last weekend, we're putting the final touches on the cart we're going to bring to this weekend's Spring Fling in Roslyn WA.
North West Sled Dog Association is hosting, and Alpine Outfitters is sponsoring this dryland race.
Word on the trail is, that a team from Tumnatki Siberians is going to enter the race with one of our carts. We keep our fingers crossed, that it'll be a winning combination!
Just a reminder: if you're in the market for one of our carts and roughly live along I-5 or US-97, between Los Angeles and Seattle, please let us know, and we'll drop one off while we're on our way. That'll save you the shipping/crating expense.

Check out pictures from last year's event here.

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