Friday, October 16, 2009

Just announced: the 4th annual (not so) Great Serum Run

It's once again time to make preparations for our 4th Annual (not so) Great Serum Run (NSGSR - 2009)! This year, we will hold the races on December 12 (Saturday) at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa CA.

For those new to the southern California "Urban Mushing" scene, the NSGSR is our once-a-year scooter race event that is really more of a chance for most of us to get together to run our dogs in a fun, recreational, yet competitive race environment. We have the 1-mile/1-dog, 2-mile/2-dog, 3-mile/3-dog scooter races, a bikejoring class, as well as a 3-Km canicross race and a junior division. The whole point is to get motivated to run our dogs, engage in friendly competition, feel the thrill and excitement as you and your dogs anxiously await your turn to take off at the starting line (and believe me, the dogs can feel it too), and just have a day of fun on the run with your four-footed furballs!

It's a great way to promote the sport and while we mostly focus on the joy and camaraderie of participation, we do award medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place PLUS the coveted Red Flashlight Award (patterned after the Red Lantern Award, which is awarded to the last place finisher in the Iditarod).

More info and details will be posted over the next few weeks.

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