Friday, October 23, 2009

This weekend's schedule: California Mushing Workshop & Washington Rig Race

Finally, finally...the season is well underway. Things are cooling down outside and are heating up around the shop. The tough part is to decide whether to work on the carts or go to the races/meetings...and if it's the latter, which one to go to?

This weekend, we'll be at Karen Yeargain's mushing workshop in Big Bear CA. Unfortunately, registration is closed for this event, but you can check her website for more upcoming events.

"Just up the road" NWSDA is hosting yet another race in Washington: the Roslyn Rig Race on October 24th & 25th. For more information, please contact NWSDA.

Mark your calendars:
November 7th & 8th: Oregon Mushing Weekend
December 12th: (not so) Great Serum Run, southern CA

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