Monday, June 21, 2010

Dryland mushing season is around the corner

Yes, it's only the beginning of summer, but all of you know how quickly the next season is going to be here. You'll be excited and ready to run the dogs, but you don't have your cart, yet...

Now is the time to plan ahead and place your order to make sure, you're ready for fall.
Our early spring orders almost carried over into summer, but we have the next available carts ready to be shipped by mid-July.

Also, please check with us about our travel schedule, so we could possibly drop-off a cart or two along the way and save your shipping expenses.

We're going to be in La Pine, OR in mid November (see below) and might make a trip to south-western Montana in December.

8-dog team at Fairview Park, Costa Mesa CA

Here is an e-mail we received from one of our customers, which we truly appreciate:

>>Excellent news~! :) Just as you said, the cart arrived today. To say that I am impressed is a massive understatement. Henning, this cart is a piece of art! It is just stunning and I am beyond thrilled with it. The quality is obvious in every weld and bolt. I simply can't wait to get out this fall and try it out with the dogs. I'll be sure to update you once I do! Thank you so much for being so above-board with this whole transaction, even when things got a little tricky with the shipping. It was well-worth the wait and I feel that I was sold a solid piece of equipment that will be relied upon season after season. I will be recommending you to other mushers I know! Thank you so much, Henning!<<

...and here are some of our recent creations:

Dark blue metallic cart, silver wheels, wide tires & high clearance

All black cart with cargo basket and sled bag
(bags custom made for Arctis by Alpine Outfitters)

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