Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lost Siberian Husky - San Diego County CA

Our friend Jeff in Fallbrook (north San Diego County) posted this message earlier today:


At approximately 9:00AM, June 17th our newest dog, Jessie, jumped a 5' fence and bolted. We live in Fallbrook. She has a yellow collar with her name and telephone number on it. She also has a blue/green collar with another telephone number on it. She is 4 years old, white in color with grey/black splotches of color, one blue eye, one green/blue eye. She is very skittish and shy. She had an orange leash attached to her collar, but may have chewed it off if she got caught on something. She is an experienced sleddog and can really run.

Please be on the lookout for her. My contact information is:

Jessie has been found!

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barbs said...

I am happy to report that we have been reunited with Jessie and she is safe and sound after her 9 1/2 day romp in the north San Diego county area! Barb